If you have any further questions that are not listed here, please feel free to email us at admin@daycarehero.com.
We would be updating this FAQ section periodically as needed.
  • How does DaycareHero work? DaycareHero's main goal is to help parents and guardians find suitable childcare for their little ones. You can start by going to DaycareHero.com and entering your desired location. You could also narrow down the results by providing your child's birth or due dates. Once you get the results, you would then be able to apply various types of filters on the search.
  • The child-care facility that I like is not currently displaying any openings. Am I out of luck? We are still growing our database and working hard to increase the numbers of our active users. If you do not see any openings posted on the child care facility, they may still have openings but just not posted. You may reach out to them directly or to us via the Contact page.
  • Can I save my search? You could save your search by saving the exact URL link as your bookmark. You will get to the "Search Results" page after doing your search. Here is an example of how the link could look like: https://www.daycarehero.com/searchResults.html?childDate=01%2F01%2F2015&location=Mountain+View%2C+CA+94041%2C+USA&mileRadius=3&latitude=37.38681200000001&longitude=-122.07515490000003&schoolName=
    Just bookmark your search page and you could reload the page in the future.
  • I am a Child Care Provider. How do I post an opening? First, you'd need to create a Provider's Account with us. Go to Sign Up and enter your information. Follow-through with the Sign Up verification process. Once you're done signing up, go to the Login Page and sign in. Click on the Facility that you manage. You'll see an "Openings" tab. Under this tab, there will be a button to "Add New Opening".